CONGRATULATIONS! You are on the verge of starting what might be an interesting and exciting reading adventure into the realm of "what ifs" in theoretical physics. I hope you do not assume, as many physicists seem to, that science has already correctly answered all important questions in theoretical physics. That unwarrented assumption causes scientists to abandon logic and try to answer important questions simply by reciting some item of memorized dogma. Science done that way, without logic, amounts to a quasi-religion.

Hopefully, your mind is filled much more with questions than it is with supposed answers. The author of the document posted at this website seeks to raise some important, persistent questions about the standard answers that apply to the "absolute motion" of the earth, and that apply to the propagation of light. A new theory regarding the propagation of light, referred to as "undulatory propagation," might provide an interesting, non-relativistic way to understand the Michelson-Morley Experiment. And the author wants to suggest the idea that magnets might be more useful than light for detecting ether drift.

The document posted at this website reports an experiment done with magnets. We hope that you enjoy reading about our experiment, and that what we observed in the experiment might cause you to have some interesting new ideas of your own.

The link below opens the scientific document:

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