Visions of An Invisible One-Eyed Man *

It may be somewhat pompous for me to open my website with an idea from one of history's greatest scientific thinkers. But I sort of need that idea because I want to claim to be an independent "great spirit thinker" of the sort referred to by Einstein. To support my claim to be a dogma-free logical thinker, I would like to submit the following three mental creations: a color-specific approach to automotive rear lighting (called the RLMS approach, for "Red Light Means Stop"); a very conceptual method for analysis of the changes caused by chemical reactions (this being called the "arrow diagram" method for reaction stoichiometry); and a very straightforward experiment with magnets that might detect the so called "absolute motion" of the earth (such detection long being held to be impossible by those who have accepted the hereditary prejudice called "special relativity"). The experimental report includes a more logical new idea, potentially to be called "undulatory propagation," to explain why experiments with light cannot detect the absolute motion of the earth.

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*The general wisdom might be that "In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
Well ... maybe not. My experience as a great spirit thinker suggests a possibly different outcome for a one-eyed man in the country of the blind. Blind persons would initially ignore, and would then ridicule, the special things that a sighted man might do. But, being "abnormal" for a blind person, the ability to do things as a sighted person would eventually be ascribed to witchcraft. The one-eyed man, behaving as a sighted person, would be inevitably charged with being a witch, and would be killed by the blind people, not made their king.

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